Nose Correction

Dr Teri Johnson has a lot of experience in nose correction using Dermal Fillers.

She trained in this procedure in 2008 initially using Radiesse Dermal Filler. She has been reshaping and correcting noses in her clinic Cheshire Lasers ever since.

Dermal filler nose correction is much cheaper than surgery and is less invasive. A small volume of dermal filler can make a big difference with no downtime and very little bruising or swelling.

Is there any down time after nose correction / reshaping ?

There is usually no down time after this procedure.  Usually you can leave and continue normal day to ay activities with just a bit of redness, swelling and possibly some bruising.

If you are considering this treatment view Dr Teri’s Dermal Filler Pre-Treatment advice here.

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Are there any side effects ?

Adverse events following this treatment are relatively rare. However this advanced procedure is still regarded as a high risk due to the number of adverse events reported globally.

Dr Teri  uses only hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in this area. Hyaluronic acid Dermal Fillers can be treated with hyaluronidase if an adverse event should occur.

Dr Teri does not recommended this treatment is if you have had previous nose surgery.  As surgery can distort the anatomy and increase the risk of adverse events such as vascular occlusion.

You can read about side effects from dermal fillers here. 

How long will the results of a Nose Reshaping procedure last ?

Nose correction / reshaping treatment results can last a year if not longer.

How long does the procedure take ?

Dr Teri books out 40 minutes for this procedure. Dr Teri will then see you for a check up a week later in case any minor alterations are needed.

Nose Correction with Restylane using a cannula

Dr Teri Cheshire nose correction dermal fillers

Dr Teri Cheshire nose correction dermal fillers

Nose Reshaping with Restylane Dermal Filler

Nose reshaping correction dermal filler Cheshire


This young lady had a broken nose causing it to look broader and asymmetrical. It has been corrected by Dr Teri using Restylane. nose correction nose treatment with restylane
Before and after correction with Dermal Filler.

The after photo was taken immediately after the 15 minute procedure.

nose correction nose reshape
nose correction nose correction

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