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Testimonial after a Botox Treatment with Dr Teri

M. H. Nantwich, Cheshire

Just want to say I am delighted with results of Botox, my best ever.

Review after a Lip Enhancement with Dr Teri.

P. S. Winsford, Cheshire

This is the first time I have had a lip enhancement and I was very nervous. I was worried about the pain and afraid I would end up with a trout pout.

Dr Teri was very kind and reassuring together we discussed in detail what exactly I wanted to achieve from the treatment and the best product for me. I did not feel pressured into the treatment unlike another clinic I went to. I decided to have my lips enhanced with Juvederm Ultra (a new dermal filler with anaesthetic in it). I decided to have only a small enhancement initially as I was afraid of the results.

The procedure was almost painless, I just felt the odd needle but this reduced as anaesthetic started to work. I love my new lips they are just like they were 10 years ago. I love putting lipstick on now. I plan to be a little bit more daring next time and have a little bit more volume into my lips, now I have my confidence in Dr Teri and know I am not going to look silly. Thank you for making me feel good in lipstick again.

After Wrinkle Relaxing ( Botox ) Of Crows Feet.

J. R. Crewe, Cheshire

Thank you for treating my awful crows feet with Botox. I feel so much more confident especially when I smile. I will definitely be back for further treatments.

I was scared to have a Botox treatment as it is a poison, but once the procedure was explained to me and I understood how Botox works, I felt happier to go ahead. Botox is available on prescription only and I felt safer having it injected by a doctor. Dr Teri explained everything to me and gave me plenty of time for questions.

I can not believe the results it is almost magic. Thanks.

After A Botox Treatment For Hyperhydrosis (Excessively Sweaty Armpits)

I have been suffering with Hyperhydrosis for many years. It seems to have got worse over the last five or six years and would appear at the most inconvenient times and often at the most surprising. I could be out on a freezing day and suddenly my armpits would be soaked.

The most embarrassing times were at work though. I have to hold presentations on a regular basis to customers, colleagues and my board members. Obviously nerves can be attributed to some sweating but more often than not my shirt would be soaked at the armpits and it would even come through my jacket. I have ruined many suits and shirts because of this. Add to this the washing when wearing two or three shirts per day and the dry cleaning bill for my suits.

I had tried the deodorants, not drinking so much water, doing more exercise although I wouldn’t consider myself to be particularly over weight. Let’s call it comfortable! I found that I was highly allergic to the deodorants so that was the end of that.

My wife then suggested Botox. My first reaction was extremely negative. Comments made such as ‘I’m not having anything like that injected into my body’. I think I was very wary having seen the cosmetic surgery gone wrong programmes on the TV. My wife persuaded me to read a bit more about it and consider it as an option.

I then had to make a business trip and make a major presentation. As usual I chose my shirts carefully knowing that I would be soaked. I thought that I had got away with people not being able to see although I was very conscious of it and that really did not help my presentation. I met a colleague who had been at the presentation a few weeks later at an exhibition. I was showing him my shirt which as usual was soaked at the armpits. He said he had noticed how bad they were at the previous presentation. We also had another major exhibition coming up with very important meetings.

This made my mind up. As soon as got home I went on the internet and looked for a local clinic that used the procedure to help people with Hyperhydrosis.

Dr Teri completely put my mind at rest even after saying that I would have fifty injections in each armpit. The needle is so fine that you hardly feel it! It takes a couple of weeks to fully stop the sweating but it was dramatically reduced within a couple of days.

The result though! Absolutely fantastic! I cannot recommend it enough. The exhibition went well. My shirts and suit were completely dry. I felt confident in my meetings that people were listening to what I was saying not looking at my armpits.

I also now feel more inclined to wear nice clothes. Before the treatment I would never buy dry clean only if I could help it otherwise after every wear they would be at the cleaners. Not only is it not good for your clothes it is also very expensive. I now enjoy wearing jumpers again too. It has been many years! Sometimes the small things are important.

I will be definitely be having the treatment again when this one wears off.

J. B Alderley Edge, Cheshire. 2007