Chin Wrinkles

What causes wrinkles on the chin?

A “wrinkly chin” is often the result of an overactive chin muscle (mentalis). You can see this overactivity in most people due to the normal ageing process: however, it can also be seen in younger people as well.

The muscle causes dimpling and bumps and after years of repetitive movements, the overlying skin becomes wrinkly. The skin’s texture gets worse over time and thin cross-hatched lines develop creating a cobblestone chin or orange peel chin.

You can read more about how chin wrinkles develop here.

How can I improve my wrinkly chin?

Reduce the hyperactive chin muscle with Botox / Chin-tox

Fortunately, the mentalis muscle can easily and safely be treated with Botulinum Toxin commonly known as Botox. This treatment known as Chin-Tox reduces the mentalis muscles overactivity. Two weeks, after Chin-tox you can see improvements in the wrinkling, creasing and dimpling of the skin.

For people with a dimply chin but otherwise healthy smooth skin, this treatment with botox can usually irradiate the dimples and smooth the area.

The following images show the results 2 weeks after a Chin-tox treatment.

before and after chintox

Botox chin dimple treatment


Older skin with a cobblestone appearance or other skin texture changes can also see an improvement with Chin-tox. However, the results may not always be as dramatic. The skin texture often needs treating for optimal results and occasionally a dermal filler can help.

The mental crease can also improve with Botox, however, it usually needs a dermal filler as well.

These images show a side profile of before and after Chin-tox

The mental crease has reduced and the chin has relaxed downwards and looks longer.

before and after chin-tox


What does Chin-tox treatment involve?

The procedure itself takes less than five minutes and is considered ‘not painful’ by most clients. Dr Teri injects Botox into one or two points within the chin muscle.

The weakening effect of the muscle normally starts to show after a few days. The centre of the chin becomes smooth and immobile and over the course of two weeks the rest of the muscle catches up.

If it is your first treatment Dr Teri will assess you in a review appointment after 2-3 weeks. She will then take photos to asses the success of the treatment and make further adjustments if necessary.

Some people respond to a small amount of treatment, however, others may need higher doses to achieve a similar result. Each treatment is different and some people may need a second adjustment to achieve optimum results.

Once the desired results are achieved Dr Teri creates a personal treatment plan for you, so she can replicate the results, the next time you need treatment.

How long does Chin-tox last?

Botox in this area can last anything from 3 to 6 months, depending on the individuals’ response. Most people repeat the treatment every 4 to 6 months. Often the frequency of the injections can be reduced over time, while still achieving great results. This is because the mentalis muscle usually becomes less hyperactive.

Are there any risks to Chin-tox?

Occasionally the effect may take better on one side than the other leading to slight asymmetry. A touch-up treatment at your 2-3 week check up can correct this.

The small muscles in the chin are very close together. This means Chin-tox injections occasionally may cause a weakening effect of other small facial muscles. This can in rare cases cause the lower lip to look asymmetrical and it may take a few weeks or even a few months to wear off.

You can view Dr Teri’s Botox Pre-treatment and after treatment advice here.

Other ways to improve chin wrinkles:

Dermal Fillers

Dr Teri has been injecting Dermal Fillers in the chin to reduce wrinkles and also replace chin volume loss, for years. Dermal Fillers in the chin area restore a more balanced youth full appearance to the chin and lower face.

If you are unhappy with your chin shape, Dr Teri recommends a filler treatment to improve this.

Aesthetic medicine research shows that Dermal Fillers can have an effect on facial muscle activity. Depending on where they are injected, they can actually increase or decrease a muscles action, this is a process called myomodulation.

Chin Wrinkles can also be improved by skin texture treatments:

Effective treatments to improve skin texture are: