The Ageing Chin

What Happens to our chin when we age?

Dimpling and bumps appear in the chin

As we age most of us develop a hyperactive chin muscle known as the mentalis. The contraction of this hyperactive muscle can cause dimpling or can make the chin appear bumpy. You can see this overactivity in most people due to the normal ageing process.

Why not try sticking out your bottom lip to see what your chin looks like !!

dimply chin
Chin dimples caused by a hyperactive mentalis muscle

Dynamic wrinkles due to movement

After years of these repetitive movements, the skin over the chin starts to look wrinkly and crêpe. The skin can develop lots of thin cross-hatched lines on it, known as a cobblestone chin or orange peel (peau d’ orange) chin.

cobblestone chin
Chin wrinkles

The shape of the chin changes

The bone structure in the chin changes with age and due bone reabsorption the underlying bone appears more pointed.  bony changes to the chin


The mental crease becomes deeper

The mentalis muscle becomes even more hyperactive due to the change in the bony platform underneath and a deep groove appears between the chin and the mouth which is called the mental crease.


mental crease chin
The mental crease


It is not surprising that some people start to develop a “witch-like” chin.

The muscles in the chin becomes more and more hyperactive due to these changes and over times the lines become deeper and more difficult to treat.

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