nose correction

Dr Johnson has a lot of experience in nose correction using dermal fillers.

The results can last  a year if not longer and prices are around £300 to £400 a treatment.

Nose correction is much cheaper than surgery, less invasive, with no down time, most clients can leave and go out that day as normal.

Bruising may occur but is uncommon after this procedure when performed by Dr Johnson.


This young lady had broke nose causing it to look broader and asymetrical. It has been corrected by Dr Johnson using Restylane.

The phot was taken straight after the 15 minute treatment.

nose correction nose treatment with restylane
A different client after correction with dermal filler.

The after photo was taken immeadiately after the 15 minute procedure.

nose correction nose reshape
A small volume of dermal filler can make a big difference with no downtime and very little bruising or swelling. nose correction nose correction