Babytox and Microtox

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What are Babytox and Microtox ?

Babytox and Microtox are techniques developed by Dr Aamer Khan in his Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic back in 2009. Dr Khan developed these techniques to give his botulinum toxin clients a more natural, less frozen, and less shiny appearance.

Dr Teri studied the techniques Dr Khan shared in a course in 2009 and developed her own techniques, combining this knowledge with her own. She is able to create a bespoke treatment to suit each individual’s needs. After assessing her patient’s muscles and discussing the effect they would like to achieve, she creates a treatment plan. Her aim is to make her clients look younger and revitalised yet natural. Her aim is to avoid the telltale signs of having “Botox”, so no one will know her patients have had a treatment. Dr Teri uses Azzalure to perform her treatments, a Botulinum Toxin available on prescription in the UK since 2009. Azzalure is the second Botulinum Toxin to be licensed for cosmetic use in the UK, Vistabel produced by Allergan was the first.

If you have had “Botox” treatments in the past and you were happy with the results, this treatment is probably not be for you.

What is the difference?

These treatments involve injecting smaller amounts of Botulinum Toxin than are usually used, at different levels in the muscles and skin. More injections are generally needed but the needle is so small you can barely feel it.

When lower doses are used the results do not usually last as long.

This treatment is popular because skin wrinkles are still visible on movement but are not as visible at rest.

Why consider Babytox or Microtox?

You will benefit from this treatment if you prefer to keep some movement in the treated area and look natural. The lines will improve, but will not go completely, like they usually do in the conventional Botulinum Toxin treatments.

What are the benefits of Babytox and Microtox?

  • The skin looks rejuvenated
  • Pores reduce in size and produce less sebum around the areas injected
  • Lines and wrinkles reduce but there is still some movement
  • You are less likely to have a brow droop or a “Dr Spock” appearance unlike the conventional methods
  • The price for these treatments is slightly less than the conventional botox treatments

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