Restylane Vital Skin Boosters


Restylane Dermal Filler

Restylane Vital™ counters the effects of sun damage and provides deep dermal hydration. It improves skin elasticity, making the skin look hydrated and feel smooth to the touch. It is perfect for difficult-to-treat areas, such as the backs of hands or décolletage, as well as the face.

Restylane Vital provides deep dermal hydration, moisturising from within to improve skin tone and health. It diminishes the fine crepey lines caused by sun damage and the natural ageing process and smooths the skin to give a plump and hydrated look.


An initial, intense treatment of Restylane Vital usually comprises 3 sessions, 3-4 weeks apart; consisting of a series of very fine micro-injections.

There are no restrictions on how often you can receive a Restylane Vital treatment. In fact, you can repeat as often as you and your practitioner feel is necessary. Typically a maintenance treatment would be required after around 4-6 months.

Why not view the Restylane website to see before and after pictures.

Pre-Treatment Advice

  • Pregnancy and breast feeding are contra-indications to treatment.
  • Alcohol intake should be reduced at least 24 hours before treatment.
  • Medication such as aspirin may cause bruising as will high doses of Vitamin E.
  • Sun beds, waxing, electrolysis and laser should be avoided at least 48 hours before treatment.
  • Pain sensitivity may be heightened at certain times (pre-menstrual or following excessive alcohol intake).
  • Bruising may be reduced by taking Arnica tablets two days before treatment.