Dr Teri Johnson’s Expertise

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Dr Teri Johnson uses Dermal Fillers to restore youth to her patients in her Cheshire Clinic. She has years of experience in a wide range of treatments. However, there are few treatments she excels in due to her continued passion for learning and development.

Which Dermal Filler Treatments does Dr Teri Johnson specialise in?

Lip and Perioral Rejuvenation

One of the treatments she loves performing the most is lip and peri-oral Rejuvenation; This treatment is used to refresh the lips and the peri-oral area and also prevent further signs of ageing.

She has spent many years treating her patients, and in training, so she can perfect her treatments. This allows her to deliver bespoke results using various fillers to suit the individual. The results are natural so that you can see the improvements, but no one else would suspect. That is, of course, unless you want them too!

Dr Teri has performed a large number of Lip Rejuvenation treatments. In her Cheshire Clinic, she uses mostly Dermal Fillers to treat men as well as ladies, in their 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s and 80s. She can improve wrinkling around the mouth, smokers lines, loss of definition and volume. Her results are natural, delivering a softening, rejuvenating effect.

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Dr Teri is one of the few Sculptra specialists in Cheshire, she performs hundreds of Sculptra treatments a year, and it is her treatment of choice for clients looking for a natural volumising rejuvenation treatment, the great thing is it can last two years.

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Restoring the Ageing Face

Dr Teri also enjoys performing full face enhancements to reduce signs of ageing.

Dr Teri has studied the ageing face for many years. She has attended courses every year covering anatomy, how the face ages, how we lose bone and fat as we age, and how our tissues reposition because of this. She has also studied how our muscles behaviour changes because of the changes that occur.

Dr Teri has put this knowledge into practice and has gained a lot of experience in treating the ageing face.

By treating the areas of volume loss,  she can reposition the soft tissues and reduce sagging. Using a combination of treatments, she can replace volume loss safely to inflate the face and also rejuvenate the tissues to restore a fresher appearance without looking treated or overdone.

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