Botox Procedure

Botox Cheshire

What does a Botox procedure with Dr Teri Johnson involve?

When you attend a Botox procedure, Dr Teri Johnson will first assess your muscles to make a treatment plan.

She will then cleanse your skin and mark out the plan on your face.

Depending on your needs Dr Teri sometimes applies some effective prescription topical anaesthetic cream if needed to reduce the discomfort however due to the size of the tiny needles, this is often not required.

Dr Teri will then take photos and go over the treatment with you again to make sure the procedure is definitely what you want.

You will then be asked to read and sign a consent form, detailing the treatment and the possible side effects.

If you are happy to proceed Dr Teri will cleanse the area to be treated once again, once you are comfortable on the treatment couch.

Small amounts of Botulinum Toxin will then be injected directly into the treatment area using an ultra fine needle. 

The treatment should be relatively painless or mildly uncomfortable.

Dr Teri will arrange a review appointment 2 weeks after the procedure. During this appointment she will assess the results and if necessary make small adjustments to enhance the results.

How long does a Botox Procedure take?

The actual treatment takes between 10 to 15 minute. Extra time is required however for your consultation and the other steps outlined above.

Depending on whether you have had this treatment before, the consultation could take anything from 15 – 40 minutes.
During the consultation you will be able to discuss the treatment and what to expect. You can also discuss all of your concerns and start the consent process.

If you have little knowledge about the treatment or have not had this treatment before or not had a consultation before Dr Teri recommends you have a consultation first. This will allow you to think and reflect on the information provided before considering to booking a treatment.

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