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Vitamins Prevent Cancer and Ageing

I went on a training course on Monday where evidence was presented about the benefits of certain nutrients. The strongest evidence was for Vitamin D and Vitamin B3 (also known as niacin, nicotinamide and niacinamide) There is evidence that Vitamin D reduces not only your risk of melanoma but it also reduces the risk of […]

Under eye wrinkles

The tretment Why do we get under eye wrinkles? As we age we lose collagen and elastin in the skin, and so the skin loses its capability to bounce back when we move and make different facial expressions. Facial expressions are important, but they do put a strain on our skin and its supporting collagen […]

How to reduce and treat the signs of ageing with skincare

1) Reduce your skin’s exposure to the sun Wear a hat Stay in the shade Avoid going out when the sun is at its strongest. Wear a good sun protector with a high SPF we recommend 50+ UV light is damaging to the skin and encourages free radicles, the main cause of prematurely aged skin. […]