alluzience Cheshire

What is Alluzience?

Alluzience is a new botulinum toxin type A from Galderma the distributer of  Azzalure and Restylane. It has a registered trademark and was created by Ipsen. Alluziance has been available in other European countries since early 2022. It first became available in the UK in June 2022.

It is also known as relabotulinumtoxinA, which is the first ready-to-use BoNT-A liquid neuromodulator that does not require dilution before injection.

What are the benefits of Alluzience?

It has a quicker onset of action and can start working within 24 hours. It can also have a longer duration of action compared to the other toxin brands currently available.

What are the disadvantages of Alluzience?

If you develop a side effect such as brow droop or eyelid droop it could develop earlier and last longer.

Alluzience is a premixed prescription toxin treatment. It can often be more painful to inject than the other toxins that are currently available. For many people, this is not an issue but for the more needle-phobic patient and patients with a low pain threshold, they may prefer one of the alternatives available.

Am I suitable for an Alluzience treatment?

Dr Johnson has been using Alluzience since June 2022. She has been evaluating the response of her long-term regular patients to enable her to evaluate the treatment and deliver the best possible results.

If you are considering a treatment:

  • You have seen her regularly in the past: get in touch and she will be able to advise you if she thinks it will be suitable for you.
  • If you have not had a toxin treatment with her before but would like to try it please book in for a consultation.