online appointments explained

How to book online appointments with Dr Teri Johnson

To book an online appointment you must first register on the appointment system.

You will be asked for your details including an Email address and contact number.

Please choose the the appointment type you require and then the date.


A consultation lasts 30 minutes and to book an appointment you willl need to select a time with 3 x 10 minute blocks after it.

Should you want to book for a treatment please select the type of treatment you require.

Most treatments take 40 minutes and you will need to select a time where there is 4 x 10 minute blocks available. Repeat botox treatments only require 30 minutes.

If you have not had a treatment with us it may be better to arrange a consultation first or phone to speak to Dr Johnson so she can decide if it is possible to proceed on your first appointment.

A £50 deposit is needed to finalise your appointment which is taken through paypal.

After completing your payment it is necessary for you to return to the appointment site to confirm the booking.

When ever you book an appointment an email will be sent to confirm it at the time of booking and 24 hours before your appointment.

If you do not receive an email please contact is on

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