volume replacement

As we age we lose facial fat, muscle and bone causing an aged, hollowed out, tired appearance.

Many people notice how we develop a loss of prominence in the cheek area, but most do not realise these hollow cheeks can sometimes cause a hollowing effect around the eyes, accentuating dark eye circles.

Most people do not notice the hollowing that occurs in our temples as we age, unless it is pointed out to them. This hollowing can cause the eye lids to droop and the skin bellow to sag.

The combined affect of volume loss from various ares of the face, leads to decreased support for the skin. With a loss of skin elasticity another sign of the aging face, we develop loose skin and sagging.

In youth the widest part of the face is the cheekbones and upper face, narrowing down to the chin. This is called the “triangle of youth”. With aging the volume lost under the eyes, in the cheekbones and temples causes sagging and a widening of the jaw line and jowls. The “triangle of youth” becomes the “pyramid of age”.

In the past treatment for these changes was surgical, tightening the skin, this improved sagging but this does not address volume loss.

It may lead to a gaunt or “tight” appearance. Recreating cheek volume in people who have lost facial volume creates a youthful appearance with increased satisfaction. Restoring the triangle of youth.

Volume loss is one of the most significant contributors to facial ageing. People who are overweight rarely develop this sign of facial ageing as their cheeks remain fuller and more rounded.

Dr Johnson can restore volume using one or a combination of treatments depending on you facial features and the extent of volume loss.

Treatments used commonly include: