All of our treatments are popular with men.

We have many male clients in fact 20- 25% of Dr Johnsons clients are men.

Men are just as concerned about the way they look as women, and should not be ashamed of this.

Men also need to look after their skin and our skincare products are excellent for this.

The most popular treatment amongst our male clients currently is Botox. Thread vein removal from the nose and face is a close runner up. However Dermal fillers, Sculptra, Ellanseé, and skin care are also popular.

Gentlemen also consult for minor surgery treatments such as wart, skin tag and Milia removal.

For some treatments such as botox and dermal fillers a man can expect to pay a little more for his treatment. More product is often needed to achieve the desired cosmetic effect due to the anatomy of the male face.