Dr Teri Johnson’s Treatment Examples

We would like to thank our clients who have kindly consented to having their photos displayed here.

Forehead lines, can be treated with Botox to achieve a smoother appearance. Forehead lines pre botox cheshire Forehead lines post botox cheshire
Frown lines are also softened by Botox injections.
The picture here illustrates the patient actively frowning before and 3 weeks after treatment.
Frown lines pre botox Frown lines post botox cheshire
Smile lines are also softened by Botox.
This pictures show the results 2 weeks after injecting botox into the crows feet area.
Smile lines pre botox cheshire Smile lines post botox cheshire
These images were taken immediately before and after Dermal Fillers. The end result will look more natural and soft. Her marionette lines were treated with Radiesse. The lines around the mouth were treated with Juvederm Volbella. cheshire dermal filler image after juvederm volbella
Dermal Fillers are ideal for plumping out the lips and can reduce irregularities, improving imperfections such as scars.
They can also be used to reduce the fine lines around them.
 Dermal fillers cheshire Dermal fillers cheshire
Dermal Fillers are also used to soften naso-labial lines and folds. 1 syringe of filler has reduced the fine lines above the lip and treated the naso- labial folds. 2 syringes may be needed for a more dramatic effect. Pre restylane cheshiredermal filler Post restylane cheshireiller
Marionette lines can be improved with collagen filler.
This client used to get saliva and food stuck in the corners of her mouth. This photo was taken just 1 hour after treatment. The red needle marks tend to fade after a few days.
pre collagen filler cheshire post collagen filler cheshire
Before and 2 weeks after a Botulinum Toxin treatment in a man. While not smiling. men botox cheshire post male botox cheshre
The same man smiling before and 2 weeks after a Botulinum Toxin treatment. cheshire botox man cheshire botox man
Forehead line reduction before and 2 weeks after Botox. cheshire botox man cheshire botox man
This young lady had a broken nose causing her nose to look broader and asymmetrical. It has been corrected by Dr Teri Johnson using Restylane.

Nose correction is much cheaper than surgery, less invasive, with no down time and can last a year.

nose correction nose treatment with restylane
Before and after 3 treatments with Sculptra. Performed by Dr Teri. scupltra sculptra
Before and after 8 Rioblush Carboxytherapy arm treatments over 10 months. rioblush cheshire rioblush cheshire
Lip enhancement is a popular treatment. Dr Teri can tailor this treatment to suit you. Some people like a full pout like in this picture, others opt for a subtle enhancement, just in the right places to turn back the years. lip enhancement cheshire lip enhancement cheshire