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Glycolic acid formulations
Ultra smoothing cream 40g Rich antioxidant, moisturising cream 10% AHA. It helps correct visual signs of photoaging and prevent oxidative damage from sunlight. Repeated use reduces the visible signs of aging on the face and neck and improves rough, dry, environmentally damaged or photoaged skin. Recommended for non-sensitive skin. Oil-free. Non-comedogenic / non-acnegenic. Fragrance Free. Visit our Cheshire Lasers online shop for prices
Ultra daytime smoothing cream SPF 15 40g Daily use antioxidant emollient cream with 10% AHA and broad spectrum sunscreens (UVA/UVB). It moisturises and smoothens the skin while providing protection against harmful effects of the sun that contribute to premature aging. Repeated use may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.Recommended for non-sensitive skin. Oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic
Ultra smoothing lotion 200ml Light, translucent ,moisturising lotion with 10% AHA and antioxidants to help relieve rough, dry and environmentally damaged skin. It helps correct visual signs of photoaging and is an exfoliating moisturiser and cell renewal treatment. Great value 200ml for face and or body.For non sensitive skin.
Pigment lightening gel 40g Water-based light gel combines the exfoliating benefits of 10% AHA and Kojic acid. With repeated use and sun avoidance, this gel will lighten discolorations in the skin, such as freckles, age / liver spots caused by sun exposure or pigmentation that may result from pregnancy or the use of oral contraceptives. This oil-free, rapidly absorbed gel can be used under other moisturisers, sunscreens or make-up. Can be used on the face, back of hands or chest. Fragrance free. Visit our Cheshire Lasers online shop for prices
Oily skin solution 100ml Specially formulated to remove excess oils, fats, and other lipids present on acne prone skin. Contains 8% AHA (glycolic acid) to enhance exfoliation and effectively cleanse clogged pores. This product replaces any cosmetic toner or astringent used in your daily skin care regimen,
Glycolic plus range
Face cream plus A stronger formula of the smoothing cream for skin used to glycolic acid products.
Lotion plus 15% AHA for skins used to te standard glycolic acid products, needing something stronger to gve the skin a boost. Visit our Cheshire Lasers online shop for prices
Foaming 18% Cleanser The ultimate glycolic cleanser, for use twice weekly as an alterniative to a home glyycolic peel. Not recommended in clients who have not already exposed their skin to glycolic products.
PHA formula
Daytime protection cream SPF15 Great for sensertive skin especial rosacea and moderate to severe acne skins.
Llight, anti-aging, antioxidant moisturizing cream is formulated with 10% PHA (8% gluconolactone, 2% lactobionic acid), multiple antioxidants, Vitamin E and broad spectrum sunscreens (UVA/UVB.) Daily use may reduce the visible signs of photoaging while it protects from further sun damage. Ideal daily moisturiser/sunscreen for under makeup.
Suitable for sensitive skin. Oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic
Ultra moisturising Face Cream PHA 10%, 50g This ultra moisturising night cream is formulated with 10% PHA to moisturise and reduce the visible signs of aging on the face and neck.The skin will appear softer, smoother and more radiant with continued use. This cream is gentle enough for patients with sensitive and acne prone skin. Contains Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex Factor and natural antioxidants.For sensitive skin, Fragrance free. Hypollergenic
Bio-hydrating face cream PHA 15%, 50g An ultra-hydrating night cream provides long lasting moisturizing benefits. It leaves the skin feeling and looking softer, smoother, healthier and more radiant. Repeated use may reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is ideal adjunctive therapy for patients with rocacea or using topicals such as retinoids that result in dry, sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free.
Bionic Face Cream (LA) 50g An anti-aging cream which provides intensive moisturisation for all skin types, including roseacea and atopic patients. It is ideal for use on dry skin and in post-procedure care with glycolic acid peels, non-ablative laser, IPL and microdermabrasion. More greasy than other products for dry skin. Visit our Cheshire Lasers online shop for prices
Bionic Lotion (LA) 100ml A gentle and light lotion which is suitable for all skin types to help soothe, condition and moisturise dry skin. This product also helps relieve extremely dry or scaly skin, including eczema & psorasis


Bionic Face Serum (LA) 30g An intensive treatment product for daily use by all skin types for age-defying benefits, antioxidant effects and moisturisation. This product will help leave, especially sun damaged, skin feeling and looking smoother, healthier, younger and more radiant.
Renewal Cream 30ml An intensive anti-aging cream which will leave sun-damaged skin looking smoother, healthier and younger-looking. Due to the Vitamin A derivative, it is not recommended for sensitive skin. with Gluconolactone and Pro-Retinol


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Facial cleanser – PHA 4%, 100ml This oil-free, soap-free, non-drying cleanser containing 4% PHA (gluconolactone), is the perfect first step in your daily skin care regimen. It is suited for all skin types including dry and sensitive skin. It is a mild yet effective cleanser that moisturizes while it gently exfoliates the skin to thoroughly clean and remove makeup without stripping essential oils. It leaves facial skin feeling clean with a smooth refined texture. Fragrance free. Hypoallergenic.
Special Treatments
Skin Brightening Cream (LA) SPF15 40g Formulated to brighten, exfoliate and smooth discolored skin, and stimulate epidermal renewal to reveal brighter, newer cells. This product contains kojic acid, citric acid and Vitamin C along with glycolic acid (an AHA), lactic acid (an AHA) and gluconolactone (a PHA).For all skin types. Visit our Cheshire Lasers online shop for prices
Eye Cream (PHA) 15g A highly moisturising, non-irritating cream that gently yet effectively reduces dryness and the appearance of fine lines in the delicate area around the eyes. Contains Gluconolactone and Vitamin E to gently moisturise and restore the skin around the eyes. For all skin types, including sensitive skin.
Spot Treatment Gel (Med) 15g Recommended for mild to moderate acne for all skin types. Can be used as part of a therapeutic regimen. Offers the benefit of retinyl acetate (Vitamin A acetate). Derivatives of Vitamin A have been shown to be useful in improving acne and the overall condition of the skin. This product also provides the therapeutic effects of 2% salicylic acid and the benefits of our NeoHydroxy Complex in a clear gel form.
Clear Skin Solutions (Medical) 50ml An effective solution that helps control oily and blemish prone skin for patients with mild to moderate acne papules, pustules and comedones (spots, in other words). 2% salicylic acid which clear acne blemishes and allow skin to heal, formulated with a unique combination of AHAs called NeoHydroxy™ Complex, which improves the overall appearance of the skin. Visit our Cheshire Lasers online shop for prices
Oil Free lotion SPF 15 (PHA) 50ml Oil free light lotion for acne prone skin 4% gluconalactone, a light formulation to protection from the suns harmfull rays.
Oil Control Gel (PHA) 30ml A non-greasy gel formulated with Asebiol® to help control excessive facial oil while it gently exfoliates and smoothes the skin. Contains: 4% Gluconolactone and 4% Mandelic acid, Vitamins B3 and
Clarifying Cleanser (PHA) 200ml A soap-free cleanser formulated with Gluconolactone (a PHA) and triclosan to help reduce potentially problematic bacteria on the skin. Visit our Cheshire Lasers online shop for prices
Value Skin care packs
Pigmentation Kit
  • Facial Cleanser 4% PHA,
  • Brightening Cream 10%PHA SPF15
  • Renewal Cream 12% PHA
  • Pigment Lightening Gel 10% AHA/PHA
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Strong Anti – Ageing Kit
  • Facial Cleanser 4% PHA
  • Ultra Daytime Smoothing Cream 10% AHA
  • Renewal Cream 12% PHA
  • Bionic Face Serum 10% PHA
Acne Kit
  • Clarifying Facial Cleanser 4% PHA
  • Clear Skin Solution
  • Spot Treatment Gel
  • Oil Free Lotion 4% PHA
Sensitive Skin Kit
  • Facial Cleanser 4% PHA
  • Eye Cream 4% PHA
  • Daytime Protection Cream 10% PHA SPF15
  • Ultra Moisturising Face Cream
Home peeling treatment
Citriate TM (AHA) Treatment System x8 Treatments Contains
10% glycolic acid (an AHA) and the antioxidant citric acid 10% which provides high strength advanced, anti aging
AHA benefits to visually improve skin imperfections such
as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation irregularities and
blemished skin For best effect use in conjunction with a daily
regime of Neostrata Skincare Products
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