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With a professional, friendly approach, confidential non surgical cosmetic treatments are provided in a surgically clean environment by Dr Teri Johnson. Dr Johnson is a General Practitioner at The Oaklands Medical Centre in Middlewich, she performs her injectable treatments at her Clinic Cheshire Lasers in Middlewich.

Dr Johnson has been performing injectable treatments since 2006. She has a lot of experience in the use of all the market leading treatments available. She charges £50 for a no obligation consultation to advise you on the areas that cause you concern, the treatments available and how to achieve the effect you require. If you decide a treatment is for you, the £50 is deducted when you have your first treatment.

Dermal Fillers

Dr Teri Johnson stocks an extensive range of dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Emervel, Belotero, and Teosyal.

Relaxing Wrinkles

Popular with men and women. Used to reduce frown and forehead lines and to soften crows feet.

Lip Rejuvenation and Enhancement

Dr Teri Johnson specialises in lip treatments. Choose anything from a soft subtle lip restoration to a more luscious lip enhancement tailored to suit all ages.

Minor Surgery

Dr Johnson can also perform some minor surgical treatments such as wart, milia and skin tag removal.

Volume Replacement

Dr Teri Johnson can turn back the years by replacing the volume lost in your face in the cheeks, temples and jaw line. Using Sculptra, Emervel Volume, or Juvederm Voluma

Skin Rejuvenation

Healthy skin will enhance all our treatments. Dr Teri Johnson stocks specially selected skincare products, to improve your skin and help you achieve optimal results.